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Pathinaru Kavanagar
Artist of 16 Memories - Sodasa Avathani

Thirukural Rama Kanaga Subburathinam is an unique personality among 7 crore Tamilians.

His father Late. Shri. Thirukkural P.Ramaiah was a freedom fighter. Freedom Fighter Pension Holder both state and central. During the freedom struggle his eyes were affected and he became blind. After that incident he studied Thirukkural and practised as a Dhasavathani - Artist of ten memories. Later he was honoured as one of the Government Artists by the Tamilnadu government by the effort of "Illakiya Veedhi" a unique literary forum of Chennai.

Shri. Thirukkural P.Ramaiah was passed on 18th of May 1986.

His father Late. Shri. P.Ramaiah Freedom Fighter - Dhasavathani Artist of 10 Memories

The condolence meeting of Dhasavathani Shri.P.Ramaiah was the turning point for his son Thirukkural Rama. Kanagasubburathinam. He was inspired by the laudatory references to his esteemed father. He decided then and there to fill the void created by his father's demise.

He practised and became a "Sodasa Avadhani" in one year and appeared on the stage of Illakiya Veedhi on 17th May 1987 at Thirukazhukundrum.

His performance was highly appreciated by the famous scholars of Tamil Nadu.

After that he sacrificed all his luxurious careers such as a respectful teacher in a Higher Secondary School, a talented organiser of a Savings Company, owner of a Textile shop and dedicated himself for the service of humanity through this Miraculous Art.

With his amazing qualities of politeness in his talk, simplicity in his life, purity at his heart he is conducting different types of Mind power imropving programmes, workshops, seminars at Schools, Colleges, Televisions, Radio, Lions - Rotary Clubs and other pubic organizations

Of late his amazing performances got wide publicity astounded beyond the territory of India and spread over foreign countries such as U.S.A, Canada, European Countries, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Srilanka and Thailand and he frequently visits these countries on invitation.

Kavanagam or Avathanam is an "Mind Power Art" of India especially developed in Tamil Nadu for the past 400 years.

It is noting but exhibiting and demonstrating the strength of human mind and the power of human memory power before the audience.

A person capable of 8 varieties of memory demonstration is called Ashtavathani - Artist of eight Memories.

A person capable of 10 varieties of memory demonstration is called Dhasavathani - Artist of 10 Memories.

A person capable of 16 varieties of memory demonstration is called Sodasa Avathani - Artist of 16 Memories.

Persong capable of 100 varieties of memory demonstration is called Sathavathanis. such sathavathanis also there in our country.

Our Kavanagar Shri. Rama. Kanagasubbrathinam is capable of doing Sixteen Memory feat at a time.

His father Late. Shri. P.Ramiah was a Dhasavathani. His father was a freedom fighter. He lost his eye sight during the struggle.

Art of Sixteen Memories - Sodasa Avathanam

1) Thirukkural Memory : Five Persons would recite the number of Thirukkural at random and Kavanagar would recite the verses of Thirukkural in sequence.

2) Numerical Memory : Seeking of a number in 20 digits given by the audience in a random sequence and repeat them in their regular order and also in reverse order.

3) Alphabetical Memory : A spectator would take a sentence of 25 letters and recite the letters as 10th Letter, 1st letter, 20th letter and 8th letter, 13th letter etc. at random and Kavanagar would complete the sentence from his memory.

4) Names Memory : A spectator would write down five names and recite as first letter in the 5th name, third letter in the 4th name, second letter in the 3rd name at random i.e, without a definite plan and Kavanagar would furnish the five names in sequence without spelling mistake or error.

5) Creative Memory : Kavanagar would compose a chaste Tamil Stanza if given a verse ot theme by a spectator.

6) Memory of Ragas: A spectator would hum a tune in Karnatic Music with specifies ragas at random and Kavanagar would recognize the ragas and deliver the list at the end. (Ragas List : Mohanam, Kalyani, Kappi, Hindholum, Nattai, Anandha Bairavi, Shanmuga Priya, Thodi, Adaana, Neelambari, Kanada, Sindhu Bairavi, Punnaga Varali, Muhari, Bilahari, Sarukesi, Senjurutti, Sahanna, Sarumathi, Saranga).

7) Mathematical Memory - Magic Square: The Kavanagar would furnish the number given by audience in 16 sequences and the answer in all sequences would remain the same whether added vertically, horizontally, or dioganally.

8) Mathematical Memory - Addition: A spectator would say three digital or four digital sums and Kavanagar would add the numbers and answers accordingly.

9) Mathematical Memory - Multiplication: Kavanagar would answer the sum of 3 digitals multiplication sums.

10) Mathematical Memory - Art of Ending 100: Kavanagar and a spectator would recite and add the numbers between 2 and 9 at random and the Kavanagar would end it at the number 100.

11) Memory of Colours: A spectator would recite the colours according to his choice without any definite order and Kavanagar would state the names of the colour in the sequence order.

12) Memory of Touching Sense: Kavanagar would give the correct number, that how many times he felt the flowers touching on his back.

13) Memory of Hearing Sense: Giving the correct number of rings tosses from a bell in the hall.

14) Hand Technique Memory: Linking and Delinking of the complicated horse-shoe chain.

15) Finding the day for any date of birth: Given date of birth of the spectator Kavanagar would furnish the Day of birth.

16) Memory of Illustration on Kural: Audience can ask Thirukkural in any way such as giving the number, giving the meaning, giving the importance of the couplet. Kavanagar can give the correct answer.
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